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Why hello, Internet!

(I don't know where I picked up the habit of addressing you all as "Internet," but I should probably try to stop.)

Right now I am ostensibly writing a paper about Dubliners, but mostly procrastinating. Which is probably what leads me to write an LJ post! Other things that have happened recently include:

I have had a long and complicated battle with Blizzard tech support, and I wasn't even trying to install the new expansion. But I think it's working now.

I took the dog for a walk (yes, the dog is still here with us, two solid months after the storm -- insurance agency, please get your act together so the dog and the roommates' mom can go home) and we met a tiny girl dog! Naturally Zeus was fascinated. (He is 18 years old. Girl dogs don't want to hear it. NOT THAT THAT STOPS HIM. We have a dirty-old-man dog.) The dog's people were also there, and were very friendly; the kids wanted to pet Zeus, which he tolerated while gazing longingly over his shoulder at their dog. I told them, "He's very old, but he loves the ladies," and they laughed and explained that their dog was already pregnant, so Zeus's chances are not looking too good. But he's not giving up -- we've run into the same dog on a couple of subsequent walks, and they keep giving each other these long meaningful looks which are then tragically interrupted by unsympathetic humans tugging on their leashes and saying things like, "I have homework to do, Casanova, let's get a move on."

Then last night I went to, once again, take the dog for a walk and instead he bolted out the back door before I could get a leash on him. I gave chase, and let me tell you, it is hard to catch a pug that does not want to be caught; eventually he stopped abruptly and in an effort not to step on him I tripped and went down like a sack of bricks on the sidewalk, and he went "HAHA" (I swear, I heard him) and took off running again. Which is why the dog and I are no longer on speaking terms, and also why my knee hurts.

(I did catch him eventually, when he stopped to sniff something. He has a lot of very important sniffing to do.)

Oh, and we got our new Harriet Carter catalog -- they're full of As Seen On TV products and other sort of dubious innovations, and we've been getting them ever since Evan bought some Mighty Putty off an infomercial. They are pretty much my favorite catalogs ever. Really. I can't get enough of them. In the current issue, I have flagged, let me see... thirteen items for potential purchase, either for myself or as (tacky) gifts. There were more than that, but I reconsidered a lot of them. Such as the sweater for the cat.

(Okay, I still think the cat sweater is sort of a great idea. But I don't actually want to die, so I'm going to pass on it.)
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