Jul. 7th, 2008

So, I have decided to enter the world of My Little Pony modding.

Yes, this is weird. I was never that interested in My Little Ponies, or any sort of pony, for that matter, and I have no artistic skill to speak of, so naturally, I'm experimenting with a hobby requiring a certain affection for ponies and competence with paint.

I bought a pony at Toys-R-Us for roughly five bucks. Her name is Royal Bouquet. This is her:

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As you can see, she has a little pink clothes hanger on one hoof, which apparently means she can wear My Little Pony clothes. The idea of My Little Pony clothes strikes me as something of an abomination -- they're ponies, they're SUPPOSED to be naked. I threw away her awful hat immediately.

I studied a bunch of pony-modding tutorials, particularly those by Aikarin, and decided the first thing I should do was rough out my design. Luckily, I was able to find a coloring-book-type outline; if I'd had to draw my own pony, I might have given up right then. Here's my rough design. The people who do this as a serious hobby all use Photoshop or other expensive graphics programs.

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Naturally, I used MS Paint. Compare:

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I'm an artistic genius, right?

So far, I have beheaded my pony (I felt kind of uncomfortable about this step), removed her tail, ordered new hair (black, white, and silver), made a shopping list, and started removing her painted-on symbols (the flower on her tush and the little clothes hanger). Oh, and spilled nail-polish remover all over my left leg in the process. Further updates as I make progress.



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