Sep. 27th, 2008

I am just full of drama right at the moment. The hurricane drama is still ongoing -- my roommates' mom and dog are still here, they may have to stay here for quite a long time (on the bright side they're both pretty awesome); my parents still don't have power, but will they come over to my house, where there are lights and A/C and internet? No, they will not. ("That's okay, honey, we'll just stay here and suffer.") My gallbladder has ramped up its efforts to make me insane, but I get the last laugh because this Friday I'm having it removed (but they won't let me keep it in a jar, I asked). And I am getting married in May and keep driving myself crazy by reading magazines that give me helpful tips like, "Be sure to schedule your consultations with your stationer well in advance!", which I find mildly hilarious because I don't think my stationer, Kinko's Copies, and I will be having a lot of personal interaction, but which stresses me out anyway because apparently I was supposed to start consulting with my stationer like three months ago.

So basically this post is a roundabout way of saying two things:
1. I have to have surgery and frankly I am freaked out about it, even though it's just about the least invasive surgery you can have done and my doctor promised me I'd be able to go to class the next Tuesday and everything, and
2. Holy crap, planning a wedding is hard. (Today I bought a dress! And a veil! And a highly complicated strapless-bra-from-hell thing! Now I just need to do EVERYTHING ELSE OH LORD.)

Oh, that and
3. I love having a dog. Even if he's only a temporary dog. He's outstanding.



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