Nov. 1st, 2008

I had a fairly great Halloween! I went over to my parents' house Thursday night and stayed through this morning, because Halloween is VERY TIRING, and it was all terribly exciting.

We made a Barack-O-Lantern at the last minute and gave ourselves pumpkin-related carpal tunnel by using the stupid little saw that came with the pumpkin-carving kit, but it was totally worth it because it came out looking fantastic -- especially after it got dark. I took a couple of pictures, but on a film camera, unfortunately, so I don't have them to post. Some of the trick-or-treaters seemed really fascinated by it, which pleased me, because I've never carved an interesting pumpkin before; mine always look like this:

(I really hope this picture is not enormous.)

I ended up only wearing some of the accessories from my Wonder Woman costume -- the dress doesn't fit quite right, it's cut for a much longer torso than I have, and also the belt was funny-looking and I didn't really feel it was worth wearing it to hold up my Lasso of Truth (not least because the Lasso of Truth was made of Mardi Gras beads -- do you know how many costume stores in the Houston area have lassos available on October 29? not a lot), so I just wore the cape, bracers, and tiara and was Wonder Woman On Casual Friday -- but about a half-dozen kids still correctly identified me. I was very pleased.

(Also, one family that came by our door: Iron Man and Superman, accompanied by dad as the Punisher and mom as Catwoman.)

(Yes, that was one of the groups that recognized Wonder Woman's accessories.)

"Is that another superhero?"
"... Is shooting people a valid superpower?"
"I would say no."
"Then I don't think so.")

I was also pretty thrilled when a very tiny and shy Little Mermaid came up to the door, I said, "Hi, Ariel!", she said " ... " and took her candy, and as she walked away I heard her telling her mom, apparently awed, "MOM SHE KNOWS THE MERMAID NAME". I sure as fuck do know the mermaid name, Tiny Mermaid! That was the first movie I ever saw in the theater!

Then we roasted the seeds from the pumpkin -- they came out perfect even though we forgot about them for about ten minutes after we'd meant to check on them -- and had them as a popcorn substitute while we watched a very good movie. In short: OUTSTANDING HALLOWEEN.

Then this morning when I came home I forgot my toiletries bag, and around noon I received an email from my mom that read, "We have your toiletries. Bring $10,000 in unmarked bills," which is kind of out of character for her but cracked me up all the more because of that.



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