Apr. 15th, 2009

Things That Have Happened Lately:

1. Today I got my ears pierced! I did this once before, and a year later they still hadn't healed right and eventually, when I took out my earrings for all of twelve hours, they closed up. Hopefully this time they will not do that. One side is pierced straight through the old hole, so it doesn't show, but the old hole on the other side is very visible and looks a little goofy. Oh well. Also, apparently both of my earlobes are drama queens in their own special ways: one side bled like a stuck pig, and the other one was much thicker-skinned than expected and really put up a fight vs. the needle. Also, they hurt. So far the only advantage I see to getting them done at Claire's, like I did before, rather than by a Serious Piercing Dude, like I did this time, is that the girl at Claire's gave me a lollipop to take my mind off my hurty ears. (Which totally worked, because I am 5.) (For the record, I was actually 18 at the time.) The Serious Piercing Dude was much too serious for lollipops.

2. Last night I woke up at 2 a.m. and was unable to get back to sleep because an epic roleplaying plot, for a character I played three years ago and have not touched since, had inserted itself fully formed into my mind. I couldn't ever possibly have actually enacted it -- it's way too melodramatic, I'd be embarrassed, not to mention that it would require the dedicated cooperation of like ten other players -- but I have been enjoying turning it over in my mind. I really miss playing that character.

3. The night before that, I had a dream that a tiny cute hedgehog walked into my house through an open door and acted friendly. My mom and I had an argument about whether it was a pet or vermin; I pointed out that it was cute, friendly, and had used the cat's litterbox without prompting, so was obviously a pet. Then I took it on a walk (of course), we ran into Seth Rogen (of course), and it ran up his pants leg and bit him on the junk, which I thought was hilarious. Apparently my subconscious feels very hostile toward Seth Rogen.

In other news: okay, I was being humorous a week or two ago about how registering for classes is such a chore/puzzle that it ought to unlock a special ability, but now I'm just getting pissed. The saga so far, below the cut:

A Saga )

If I don't get 50,000 bonus experience points and a free puppy at the end of all this, I will be so ticked.



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