Feb. 10th, 2008

I still exist.

I periodically manage to come up with sort of half a sentence of an LJ entry, but it never actually gets posted, because I never actually have anything to say. I have class every morning; I have lunch; I work three afternoons a week, and spend the other two doing homework and reading and fucking about on the internet; I spend the weekends mostly gaming. Nothing much interesting happens.

At least I have Pride & Prejudice, tonight and the next two Sunday nights, on PBS. During tonight's two-hour episode my mom and I called each other three times: I called her to express my URGENT DESIRE for the giant apricot satiny cape that Jane Bennet was wearing on her way into one of the dances (and also to discuss the question of, why did PBS air a warning before this telling us that it might contain material inappropriate for some viewers, which we'll get to in a moment); she called me about a minute later while Lizzie and Mr. Darcy were dancing to shout "Oh, the sexual tension!" in my ear; and then I called her again when Mr. Collins proposed to Lizzie to shriek "RUN! RUN!", because if I just shrieked it at the TV I wouldn't get anywhere near the entertaining reaction I got from her.

I still don't know what the inappropriate material was. In the first two hours, there is a scene of Mr. Darcy bathing, in which the viewer is exposed to -- SHOCK! HORROR! -- Colin Firth's nude shoulderblades, which are, okay, mildly titillating to a certain kind of mind (mine, for instance, I freely confess), but not really the sort of thing that provokes a "COVER THE CHILDREN'S EYES! CALL THE FCC! MY GOD! WHAT MANIAC ALLOWED SUCH FILTH ON MY TELEVISION?" sort of reaction. There is also a moment in which Lydia Bennet runs out into the hall in her Regency undergarments, but again, not exactly super-titillating, because they are Regency undergarments. She is covered from shoulders to calves. PBS, I ask you: is this Inappropriate Content Warning material, really?



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